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Looking to take control of your health but do not know where to start?

Interested in natural health and Chiropractic Medicine, but want to learn more? Start getting the support you need by scheduling an intro or new patient consult right away.

The deposit for the free intro consult can be used as a credit towards your new patient consult if you decide to continue with care. Start treating the root cause instead of just the symptoms. Follow the simple steps below to see if Dr. St Jean can help you.

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Book Your Free Consult

Not sure if you are ready to move forward? This 15 min complimentary intro consult gives us the opportunity to see if we can help you and if you are a good fit for care. Schedule now by Clicking here.

Book Your New Pt. Consult

The benefit of scheduling a new pt. consult is we can jump into care right away. This translates into you being one step closer to pain relief. This is your fast track to care. Schedule now by Clicking here.


The Process

We find that motivated and compliant patients give us the best chances of healing and succeeding with care. In this consult, we will briefly cover your complaints and will assess your willingness to make changes to your lifestyle, to your exercise and to your diet regimen. Schedule now by Clicking here.

Prepare for Your Consult

The goal of the new pt. consult is to identify the root cause of your pain by conducting a thorough history and exam. We review dysfunction in the joints, assess quality of soft tissues & neurological communication between the brain and area of injury. Complete your new pt. paperwork by Clicking here.


Access Treatment Faster

Once we have assessed and identified that you are a great fit for care, you are now ready to schedule your new patient consult. If you are already motivated & ready to start getting better now, feel free to skip this free consult & move right into the new patient consult so we can start getting you better sooner by Clicking here.

Start The Healing Journey

The more educated our patients are, the more compliant they are and the better results they get. Please refer to our FAQ page to learn how our clinic operates. Also please click here to access our FREE “Reduce Inflammation, Reduce Your Pain” video series by Clicking here.

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