Daniel Stanford

Top Notch
I just finished my 3 month transformation program with Dr. St Jean and I am a completely different person.  Towards the end of June I was biking on the lake shore path, fell and really damaged my knee.  Honestly I never would have gone to a chiropractor if my primary care didn’t urge me to see Dr. St Jean.  I’m so glad I listened because in just a few treatments my knee pain was gone and we transitioned my care into the total body transformation program.  I have always been pretty skinny, and had awful posture, but now I actually have abs and my body is for the first time muscular.  My partner loves the results and with the brain based therapy, rehab and bar exercises I have built so much strength that I can see now why it will be very difficult for my body to get injured at this point outside of something traumatic.  I’ve learned so much about diet, and honestly I can’t say enough good things about Dr. St Jean and his services.  Beyond satisfied 🙂

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