Audrey Gaston

“Where do I begin! As someone who has her ups and downs with MS, back pain, and depression, I couldn’t be happier to have Dr. Rejano and Dr. St. Jean as tools in my toolkit for relief and holistic suggestions instead of another pill.

I first started going to Dr. Rejano for acupuncture. We talked about what I absolutely loath about massage and stated that my entire back feels like one big bruise at all times, and I’d be a masochist to put myself through another massage session. Dr. Rejano then asked if I was willing to give acupuncture a try. Although not scared of needles, the idea of acupuncture was still a little scary… Primarily because I didn’t know much about it. Now, from the first session 7 months ago until now, I have less anxiety\pain, and full range of motion for the first time in my 28 years of life.

In passing, I told Dr. St. Jean I wished I knew of a doctor who can help treat my MS without another pill or injection… And it was like the heavens opened up and for the first time I spoke to a doctor that didn’t treat me like an experiment but like an individual with my own unique condition and needs I personally would like to see met. He came up with a plan, alongside Dr. Rejano, and I felt like his words not only were in a language I could understand (not “doctor talk”), but they made sense and expectations were realistic and can be easily met.

They are definitely fully capable of treating not only issues chiro work can fix, but they give your mind a break too. They have my full trust and respect for the peace they’ve given me.  Thank you, Unity. See you guys next week :)”

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