Tennis Elbow Stretch

By: Dr. St Jean

Tennis elbow can be frustrating and is basically a general term used to describe the pain on the outside of your elbow.   The more technical term for this is “lateral epicondylitis.”  No, you do not need to be a tennis player to experience this pain.  Anyone can develop tennis elbow!

What causes tennis elbow?

chiropractor chicago, tennis elbowTypically tennis elbow is caused by inflammation or degeneration of the tendons of your extensor muscles in your forearm.   Tennis elbow involves the extensor muscles of the forearm. Releasing tension in this compartment is where we start when  treating this condition. If your ready to identify and eliminate the root cause of your tennis elbow pain, click here to schedule a FREE CONSULT!  

Best Stretch For Tennis Elbow

Obviously there is much more that needs to be done outside of stretching your elbow.  However, this stretch is incredibly powerful in terms of reducing your pain instantaneously.   Therefore, this comes in handy while your waiting to see your doctor and get the pain treated.

The way you perform this stretch is simple:

chiropractor chicago, tennis elbow

(1) First, find a chair or a bench that you can place your hand onto.

(2) Start by putting your hand into wrist flexion, so the back of your hand goes onto the chair or bench and your fingers are pointing back towards your body.


(3) Notice in this position, your bicep muscle is pointing to the side.  Slowly rotate your bicep muscle so that its facing away from your body.  As you start to rotate, you’ll notice the stretch becomes more intense.  Hold for 60-120 sec and repeat 1x/hour throughout your day.

You should feel this stretch on the lateral, outer portion of your elbow. By performing this stretch, you are stretching your wrist extensors, supinator muscle and brachioradialis.  All of these muscles attach onto the lateral portion of your elbow and play a role in your pain.

Take Home Points

Remember, this tennis elbow stretch is a temporary solution.  It’s great for quick relief, but does not do much for keeping you out of pain in the long run.  Like I said before, you’ll need to combine therapeutic rehabilitation in the form of loading the tissue eccentrically and isometrically in combination with soft tissue treatments for long lasting results.

chiropractor chicago, Tennis Elbow

To learn more about stretching, exercising or getting out of pain, click here to check out more of my videos on my video blog.  Most of the information will provide you with action items you can use today to start getting out of pain and improving your health.  Or, if your ready to identify and eliminate the root cause of your tennis elbow pain, click here to schedule a FREE CONSULT!  

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