Low Back Pain Relief

Do you have Low Back Pain?

Most of the patients we see describe the pain using any combination of the following:

• Deep aching pain
• Superficial aching pain
• Tightness
• Sharp pain
• Stabbing pain
• Burning pain
• Shooting/radiating pain into the buttock or leg
• Numbness/tingling

If you are currently experiencing or have in the past experienced any of the above symptoms, you will benefit from a comprehensive examination of the low back region to determine the cause of your low back pain. Until you identify the cause of your low back pain, there is a high probability you will either continue to suffer from your current low back pain symptoms or you will experience them again in the future if they have currently subsided

Lower back pain is a broad term for a multitude of different diagnostic possibilities and the terms used to describe the pain can be valuable clues to the trained clinician to help differentiate the origin of your lower back pain. It is absolutely crucial for your doctor to formulate an accurate diagnosis as this leads to successful and clinically sound treatment – meaning the quickest route to you not being in pain anymore!

Top 3 Causes of Low Back Pain:

When it comes to your low back, there are a variety of potential causes of your pain, ranging from sedentary lifestyle, the natural aging process, posturally challenging occupations to sports injury, smoking or improper footwear. Although the possibilities are many, the majority of the time 3 common types of low back pain occur, those of which include the following:

(1) Lumbar Sprain/Strain:

Most patients will come into the office with a classic lumbar sprain/strain. The difference between the two is minimal as the injury can occur in the muscle for a strain or in the ligaments for a sprain. The lower back is made of multiple groups of muscles and soft tissue structures, which are responsible for stabilizing the low back.

Lifting too much, or twisting the wrong way are two very common ways to injure the low back in this way. Patients with this type of low back pain typically report a localized aching or dull pain in and around the affected area with no radiation of the pain. Moving or using the muscle can aggravate the pain to the point where it becomes sharp and stabbing, but again the pain is specific to the affected area. The good news is this type of low back injury responds extremely well to Chiropractic care and is nothing too scary in terms of the more severe potential diagnostic possibilities afflicting the lower back pain patient.

(2) Disc Injury/Herniation:

This injury has a broad array of descriptions that different practitioners will use to describe any sort of injury to the intervertebral disc. The degree and type of injury will determine the range of the different symptoms, ranging from local stabbing and shooting pain with slight tingling and numbness all the way to severe burning, shooting pain and numbness down into the buttock and lower leg. Patients with disc injuries will often experience these symptoms with directional changes and movements such as bending forward or sitting for prolonged periods.

(3) Spinal Stenosis:

As you continue to age, you can develop lower back caused by narrowing of the spinal canal and opening where the nerves exit from your spine. Degeneration and arthritis is a significant contributing factor to this condition. Patients will often describe the pain as tingling, numbness or fatigue while walking and notice that sitting can be relieving.

Can Lower Back Pain be treated without prescription medication and/or surgery?

Often times your lower back pain can be treated without medication and/or surgery. However, this decision will be made between your health care team, your prescribing physician and of course, you. At The Chicago chiropractor, Dr. St Jean utilizes a whole-body approach to treat your low back pain by treating not just your bones and joints, but also your muscles and soft tissues as well as your nervous system and brain.

He accomplishes this by combining Brain Based Therapy, Chiropractic Manipulation, Therapeutic Exercise and Soft Tissue into a comprehensive treatment session aimed to correct the underlying cause of your low back pain and eliminate your pain quickly and effectively.

How do I make sure my Low Back Pain doesn’t return after treatment?

The best way to ensure your lower back pain doesn’t come back is to make sure you complete your recommended treatment program and avoid the lifestyle factors which aggravated your pain in the first place. As much as we enjoy having you at our facility, our goal is to provide patients with the knowledge and tools they need to get out of pain quickly and to remain out of pain in the long run.

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