Elbow Pain Relief

Do you have Elbow Pain?

Although anatomically the elbow is analogous to the knee, the elbow is injured far less often. With that said, chronic elbow pain can make day-to-day life difficult, and keep you on the sidelines until you find a way to eliminate your pain. Many physicians will be quick to dismiss your pain as a natural part of getting older. At The Chicago chiropractor, Dr. St Jean is committed to finding the best treatment options available for your elbow pain.

Elbow pain symptoms can vary greatly depending on the actual underlying cause of your pain. However most patients describe some combination of these common elbow pain symptoms:

• Elbow stiffness, locking and “clicking” noise with movement
• Traumatic injury affecting the elbow
• Repetitive work related or sports related movements involving the elbow
• Associated arthritis affecting additional joints throughout the body
• Deep aching pain within the elbow joint
• Swelling and redness of the elbow

Determining the underlying cause of your elbow pain will assist you greatly in the elimination of your elbow pain. If you are currently or in the past have suffered from any of the above elbow pain symptoms, undergoing a comprehensive examination of the elbow and surrounding musculoskeletal structures will ensure you can return to work, hobbies and sport without pain.

Top Causes of Elbow Pain:

Although the elbow is free from injury due to weight-bearing issues like the knee, hip and ankle/foot, because it forms the link between the shoulder and wrist, the elbow is functionally challenged with repetitive activities. Due to this requirement for repetitive motion, elbow pain often develops as a result of overuse.

Every time you pick up an object, swing a golf club, or carry a bag of groceries, the muscles of the hand and wrist (which attach to the elbow) must be active. Even the simple muscular activities involving typing on your computer puts a tremendous amount of strain through low level repetitive contraction on the flexor and extensor muscle groups of the elbow.

There are several potential diagnostic possibilities when it comes to the cause of your elbow pain. The most common causes of elbow pain we see at The Chicago chiropractor include elbow bursitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, elbow fractures, lateral Epicondylitis, medial Epicondylitis, overuse injuries, tendonitis, tennis elbow, and radial tunnel syndrome to name a few.

How is Shoulder Pain Treated?

Identifying the underlying cause of your elbow pain is one of the most important aspects of your care. Once this diagnosis is made, effective treatment can be provided to ensure long lasting results. Dr. St Jean utilizes a whole-body approach to treat your shoulder pain by treating not just your bones and joints, but also your muscles and soft tissues as well as your nervous system and brain. He accomplishes this by combining Brain Based Therapy, Chiropractic Manipulation, Therapeutic Exercise and Soft Tissue into a comprehensive treatment session aimed to correct the underlying cause of your shoulder pain and eliminate your pain quickly and effectively.

How do I make sure my Shoulder Pain doesn’t return after treatment?

The best way to ensure your elbow pain doesn’t come back is to make sure you complete your recommended treatment program and avoid the lifestyle factors, which aggravated your pain in the first place. Remember, there are 168 hours in each week. If you are in our facility 2-3 hours/week, there is a ton more hours on the clock that will influence your overall treatment outcome. Following the take-home rehab program is of paramount importance.

As much as we enjoy having you at our facility, our goal is to provide patients with the knowledge and tools they need to get out of pain quickly and to remain out of pain in the long run.

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