Neck Pain Relief

What Causes Neck Pain?

The neck has a big job to do. Similar to the lower portions of the spine, the neck vertebrae form a channel that contains nerves traveling from the brain to the rest of the body. However, unlike the spine in the back that can rely on broad bands of muscles for support, the neck is slender without the same type of supper network. Not to mention, sitting on top of it is your 11 pounds of head!

In addition, the neck must be flexible, supporting motions in virtually every direction. As a result, the neck is subjected to a wide variety of forces and strains every day, and the causes of pain can likewise be varied.

Some of the most common causes include lifestyle habits such as poor posture or long hours spent using computers and cell phones that place considerable strain on the neck all day long. Conditions like cervical radiculopathy and osteoarthritis can also cause neck pain, as can problems originating in the upper back and shoulders. Decreased range of motion, stiffness, chronic headaches and discomfort in the shoulders and arms frequently accompany neck pain.

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Relieve Neck Pain?

Absolutely. Chiropractic care is focused on the health of the spine and the tissues that surround it. Adjustments of the cervical spine (the neck portion of the spine) can help relieve nerve impingements that can cause pain, numbness and other symptoms. They can also promote improved circulation and lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation and irritation. Therapeutic massage and deep tissue manipulation can also help by stimulating the body’s natural healing responses.

How Does the Process Work?

During your new patient consultation, Dr. St Jean will conduct a comprehensive history and physical examination in combination with a head to toe neurological evaluation and functional movement and mobility assessment to determine the cause of your neck pain. Next, a plan of care will be developed that is specifically tailored to you, the patient. This plan can involve anything from spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapies to therapeutic exercise, and brain-based therapy to reduce the chances of recurrence in the future.

Chiropractic medicine at The Chicago Chiropractor does not start or end with only adjusting the spine. Rather, it encompasses a holistic, whole-body approach to wellness that covers the patient’s entire body and lifestyle. This can result in a level of healing and health that many patents have never before experienced.

Can Neck Pain be treated without prescription medication and/or surgery?

Often times your neck pain can be treated without medication and/or surgery. At The Chicago chiropractor, Dr. St Jean utilizes a whole-body approach to treat your neck pain by treating not just your bones and joints, but also your muscles and soft tissues as well as your nervous system and brain. He accomplishes this by combining Brain Based Therapy, Chiropractic Manipulation, Therapeutic Exercise and Soft Tissue into a comprehensive treatment session aimed to correct the underlying cause of your neck pain and eliminate your pain quickly and effectively.

What Steps can I take to prevent neck pain from recurring?

At The Chicago Chiropractor we don’t create an environment, which requires you to rely on us to stay out of pain. We are focused on empowering you with the information and knowledge you will need to maintain your health long after your treatment has commenced.

However, we are always here to help. We suggest our patients who have undergone neck pain treatment at our facility and now are pain free to visit us every 1-2 months for a maintenance appointment. During this time we will assess your posture, provide adjustments as needed along with soft tissue work and therapeutic exercise to ensure the changes that were made continue to stick.

Always remember, investing in a more supportive mattress and pillow for home, taking frequent breaks when using electronics, using proper lifting techniques and practicing better posture can all help to prevent the reoccurrence of neck pain.

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