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What is Functional Neurology?

Functional Neurology is really a distinct profession. It is kind of geared towards the Chiropractic profession, but at the same time its not. There are multiple different disciplines that actually perform functional neurology ranging from Chiropractic Physicians, Medical Doctors, and Osteopathic Physicians.

The concept behind Functional Neurology is relatively straightforward, while at the same time extremely potent in terms of treatment results. The approach uses various receptors, whether it be visual receptors, auditory (hearing) receptors, joint receptors, muscle receptors, etc. to activate the nervous system and enhance connections between neurons in the central nervous system. This is good for the patient, because it enhances the overall connectivity of the brain, which leads to a higher level and more robust function, as well as more communication between different portions of the brain.

How is Functional Neurology Different from Conventional Medical Neurology?

A functional neurologist differs from a conventional neurologist in his or her basic attitude towards care and medical intervention.

A conventional medical neurologist is typically focused on the diagnosis of structural pathology and utilizes pharmaceutical and surgical interventions to treat disease. Although this is often times necessary and beneficial, it is also inherently limited.

A Functional Neurologist views the nervous system as a moldable, changeable entity that can be affected in its function through virtually unlimited types of environmental stimulation. This concept of the brain being able to change its function throughout life via environmental stimulation is terms “neuroplasticity” and is at the very core of a Functional Neurologist’s clinical methodology.

The view of the functional neurologist is one that sees the neuron and the nervous system as central to human wellness and expression, and so much of the diagnostic process is based on appraising the quality of three basic functions carried out in all neurons. These three functions include:

(1) Ensuring sufficient gas exchange and its attendant blood flow are occurring properly (particularly the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide)

(2) Ensuring sufficient nourishment is occurring, such as glucose, fatty acids, amino acids are utilized for proper brain function.

(3) Ensuring sufficient connection and communication between neurons is occurring.

Ensuring that this chain of command is secure, robust and well resourced is where the functional neurologists come in big. A “Chiropractic Neurologist” is a further refinement of what it means to specialize in the field. A chiropractic neurologist is required to complete doctor and post-doctoral training. At the end of their training, they possess the ability to assess and respond to a wide range if issues that are presented within a clinical setting while maintaining a holistic approach.

This holistic approach combines a thorough understanding of the nervous system with sensitivity to the unique needs of individual patients. They are able to offer sustainable, long-term solutions that are safe and effective.

How is Functional Neurology Applied?

As an artist or chef uses many tools to bring their inspirations to life, the Functional Neurologist has a virtually unlimited armamentarium to benefit the needs of any individual. Anything that can be used to stimulate the nervous system (vision, sound, smell, movement, balance, etc.) can be used as a method of Brain Based Therapy.

These modalities are directed by some of the most advanced and clinically reliable assessments available today. These programs are supported by Functional Medicine approaches where the metabolic function is assessed and improved with specific diet and nutritional interventions.

Who Benefits?

Any brain benefits from evaluation and training with a Functional Neurologist. Whether you are burdened with a neurological condition, facing age-related memory loss and cognitive decline, unable to focus and concentrate, or looking to elevate your current level of academic, athletic, or artistic performance. Functional Neurology is a brilliant tool to help you meet and exceed your health care goasl, and improve quality of life..

Does Functional Neurology replace the need for prescription medication and/or surgery?

Absolutely not. Functional Neurology offers an approach that does not require the use of pharmaceutical drugs and/or surgery; however, the best results for any patient is a collaborative approach. Working closely with your Functional Neurologist and convention physicians will yield much safer and more effective results overall.

At The Chicago chiropractor, Dr. St Jean utilizes a whole-body approach by treating not just your bones and joints, but also your muscles and soft tissues as well as your nervous system and brain. He accomplishes this by combining Brain Based Therapy, Chiropractic Manipulation, Therapeutic Exercise and Soft Tissue into a comprehensive treatment session aimed to correct the underlying cause of your pain and eliminate your pain quickly and effectively.

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