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  • Dear Patient,

    Welcome! And thank you for choosing The Chicago Chiropractor as one of your health care providers.

    How The Process Works:

    STEP 1: Complete your new patient paperwork, contained within. Submission of your intake forms must be 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. This allows our Dr. St Jean to adequately review your file and prepare for your visit.

    Personal identification (license) and insurance information (insurance card) is collected, as our billing team will review your benefits prior to your initial visit. This is a courtesy to you, and ensures you have all financial information regarding future care rendered at our facility, to help you make an informed decision about treatment.

    STEP 2: During your initial consultation, Dr. St Jean will review your health history, conduct a comprehensive examination and make recommendations for diagnostic laboratory and/or imaging tests if needed to further evaluate your specific health issues.

    STEP 3: Once you have completed your initial consultation, Dr. St Jean will explain the meaning of your test results and examination findings in a follow up consultation. Dr. St Jean will then create an individualized therapeutic program for you to reduce your pain and recover your health.

    In Health,

    The Chicago Chiropractor!
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