Is Your Low Back Pain A Medical Emergency?

 By: Dr. St Jean

Do you have low back pain?  Did you know that in certain situations, it your low back pain could be considered a medical emergency? It’s crucial that you pay careful attention here as this is very important topic.

Many of us are familiar with other medical emergencies.  If someone is having a stroke, a seizure, or a heart attack, we would probably recognize these scenarios as an emergency.  From there, we know we have to go to the ER.   However, many of us are unfamiliar with a low back medical emergency known as cauda equina.  This is a condition that affects the low back and is definitely a medical emergency.

Warning Signs & Symptoms of Low Back Pain in Cauda Equina Syndrome

There are a few things you’ll want to consider that will help you determine if your low back pain is a medical emergency.  Of course, low back pain is one symptom that will be present.  You also may notice a numbness and tingling like sensation associated with your back pain that forms in a saddle-like distribution.

What do I mean by saddle-like distribution?  Picture yourself sitting on a horse – what parts of your body are hitting the saddle?  Your buttock, your inner thigh, your reproductive organs, etc. will all be affected by this numbness/tingling sensation.

Other potential signs and symptoms you may experience is bowel and bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and even in some cases weakness and clumsiness in the lower extremities.

Chiropractor Lincoln Park ChicagoObviously if you were to experience some of these signs & symptoms you would most likely know something is wrong. The tricky thing is that these do not all happen simultaneously or quickly. Sometimes, they can happen a little bit slower over time. You have to sear these warning signs into your head because if you are having any of these or a combination of them, it means cauda equina – a medical emergency.

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What is Cauda Equina?

The cauda equina is the series of nerve roots that are coming off the base of your spinal cord that look like horse’s tail. They are called cauda equina because it literally means “horse’s tail.”

These nerve roots send and receive signals and messages to organs in your pelvis and your lower extremities. When these nerve roots become compressed, you get cauda equina syndrome.Chiropractor Lincoln Park Chicago

One of the most common and vulnerable nerve roots affected are those to the bowel and bladder. This is not something to mess with. When you are getting those nerve roots compressed that translates into cauda equina which translates into what?  You guessed it, a trip to the emergency room.

Keep in mind, we are not talking about minor damage here. We are talking about potentially permanent paralysis. Think losing the ability to go to the bathroom on your own or the ability to move or feel your lower limbs.  To add to your misery, this could also lead to loss of sexual function. We are talking about serious aspects of your life that you really do not want to give up.

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