Eliminate Neck Pain with These 3 Exercises

By: Dr. St Jean

The neck is a complex structure. It supports the head while moving in several directions which makes it more susceptible to pain and injury. In this video, we will talk about how to eliminate neck pain with these 3 exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere and are going to eliminate your neck pain, right now.

Scenario: Ouch! Neck pain!

You are watching and you suddenly have localized tight achy, dull-type pain.  You have radiating pain that is sharp, burning, or electrical with some numbness and tingling into the arms or into the shoulder blade.  You have difficulty moving your head and it is a little bit restricted.  It may be advanced enough as you cannot really grip things as well as you are dropping things with your hands.  Whichever symptoms you might be suffering from in terms of neck, the first step is getting an accurate diagnosis.  So, go and get an evaluation by a physician or myself then treatment can happen.

Now, when you implement these exercises I am about to show you.  Depending on what type of neck pain you have, you are going to see one of two things happened.  If you have localized dull, achy tightness, you are just going to want to see that the pain goes away.  If you have radiating pain that is sharp, burning, electrical or numbness and tingling into the arms or the shoulder, you want to make sure that when you are doing these exercises that the pain that is in the periphery starts to centralize.

So if you look in the drawing (in the video), the radiating pain in the shoulder starts to slowly move up, less pain radiating pain there, until finally the pain is just a little bit in the neck.  That is a good sign.  That means that the exercises are working.

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Chin Tucks

Chin tucks is a great exercise for eliminating neck pain.  To do this, take two fingers and put them on your shin and then push your shin back.  Pretend that your chin is resting on a table and do not flex or extend throughout this exercise.  Keep your cervical spine neutral and just go basically back and forth and create a double chin.  Once you get good at that, do two to three sets, fifteen repetitions for a week.  When this gets easy, grab a band and make a little bit harder with band resistance.  Place the band on the back of your head and pull as hard as you need too and retract into it.  So you are retracting with resistance.  Simple as that, great exercise, fantastic for eliminating pain.

Chin Tucks with Extension

Next exercise is chin tuck with extension.  It is basically the same thing as chin tucks but at the end of the chin tuck, you extend the cervical spine.  Simple as that, it is just another step in the right direction for treating neck pain. Do two to three sets and fifteen repetitions, go get it!

Chin Tucks with Side Bending

The third exercise to learn to help you eliminate neck pain is chin tucks with side bending.  It is very easy as it sounds.  Basically, you go into a chin tuck and you side bend towards the side of pain.  So, for example, if I have left-sided pain that is either radiating or localized on the left side of my neck, this would be the appropriate exercise. It is simple as that.  Just choose the side depending on the pain and bend towards that side.  Do three sets about 15 repetitions and go through each of these in progression until there is relief from your pain.

Final Notes

So there you have it! Three really awesome exercises you can do right now to eliminate neck pain.  If you want more information about neck pain, check out my video and article blog – which you can access in the top left corner of the website.  Or, if you are ready to take the next step and get out of pain now, schedule an appointment today:

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