Why Is My Back Spasming?

By: Dr. St Jean Back spasms are much more common than you would think.  When they happen, it can be scary, because the pain can be quite substantial.  Several times each week new patients ask about why they get spasms and I figured, this would be a great video topic. Are Back Spasms Normal? Absolutely not.  Think about it, back spasms are very common, but that does not mean they are normal.  There is a big difference between common and […]

How To Perform Bulgarian Single Leg Squat

By: Dr. St Jean The Bulgarian Single-Leg Squat is by far one of my favorite single-leg exercises.  Unlike traditional double-leg squat and lunge techniques, it’s a beast for developing strength and stability from a single-leg standpoint. What Muscles Are You Using? The Bulgarian Single-Leg Squat is going to hit your hamstrings, your glute’s and your quadriceps.  It will hit your quads especially hard.  This translates into an increase in overall strength and stability for your lower extremity. But wait, there is […]

Tennis Elbow Stretch

By: Dr. St Jean Tennis elbow can be frustrating and is basically a general term used to describe the pain on the outside of your elbow.   The more technical term for this is “lateral epicondylitis.”  No, you do not need to be a tennis player to experience this pain.  Anyone can develop tennis elbow! What causes tennis elbow? Typically tennis elbow is caused by inflammation or degeneration of the tendons of your extensor muscles in your forearm.   Tennis elbow involves […]

How To Foam Roll Your TFL

  By: Dr. St Jean The tensor fascial latae muscle (TFL) is a problem area for most of my clients.  The TFL sits on the outer portion of your hip and inserts into your IT Band.  The majority of the time, your TFL becomes synergistically dominant over the gluteus medius (one of your butt muscles) and this can contribute to tightness. If you are ready to take the next step and eliminate your hip and knee pain or to learn […]

5 Exercises To Correct Forward Head Posture

By: Dr. St Jean Forward head posture is caused by office work, looking down at a smartphone for a long time, or a heavy bag.  In this video, we are going to talk about 5 exercises you can do to correct forward head posture in the comfort of your own home. What is forward head posture? Forward head posture is when the head translates forward in relation to the shoulder joint.  It is a very common modern day postural issue. […]

Eliminate Your Migraines By Avoiding These Triggers

By: Dr. St Jean A migraine is a complicated condition with a wide variety of symptoms.  It is debilitating characterized by moderate to a severe headache felt as a throbbing pain on one side of the head.  This is often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to light or sound.  In this video, we are going to talk about how you can eliminate your migraines by avoiding these triggers that are fairly common. Hormonal Imbalances Hormonal imbalances are […]

Eliminate Neck Pain with These 3 Exercises

By: Dr. St Jean The neck is a complex structure. It supports the head while moving in several directions which makes it more susceptible to pain and injury. In this video, we will talk about how to eliminate neck pain with these 3 exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere and are going to eliminate your neck pain, right now. Scenario: Ouch! Neck pain! You are watching and you suddenly have localized tight achy, dull-type pain.  You have radiating pain that is sharp, […]

Hidden Sources of Neck Pain

By: Dr. St Jean Neck pain is a fairly common complaint.  Today, we are going to talk about some of the hidden sources of neck pain which are often overlooked.  We are going to talk about how tight scalenes, forward head posture, gallbladder issues, and improper sleeping postures can actually cause neck pain and what you can do about them. I am going to let you in a little secret here and it is pretty straight forward.  It is impossible […]

Stretches For Neck Pain Relief

By: Dr. St Jean   Neck pain can be caused by a variety of situation such as stress, injury, or illness. In this video, I am going to talk about different type of stretches for the neck specifically stretches for your upper trapezius, your levator scapulae, and your SCM also known as sternocleidomastoid. Safety Before Stretch! Of course, there are other muscles in addition to the once you see here. All of which can either directly or indirectly caused pain via strains or just […]

Are Hormonal Imbalances Causing Your Headaches & Migraines?

 By: Dr.St Jean Hormonal imbalances are puzzling. So much so if they’re causing your headaches and migraines.  Hormonal imbalances are very common cause of headaches. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about migraines, tension headaches, or cluster headaches. There’s a ton of different types of headaches, but in most headaches, hormonal imbalances are something that we want to consider, especially in migraine headaches. First of all, your hormonal system is pretty complex. There’s a bunch of structures called glands throughout your […]

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